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வன்னியர் புராணம்

Vanniyar Puranam

Vannia Kula Kshatriya is the only tamil community with an exclusive puranam on their own. The puranam was written in classical tamil and has now been translated into modern day tamil.

The excerpt from the puranam is, ‘Vilvalan’ & ‘Vatapi’ were Asura brothers born to ‘Dhurvasar’-a saint & ‘Kajomuki’- younger sister of ‘Sura Padman’ - an Asura later killed by Lord Murugan. Vilvalan & Vatapi played mischief’s with ‘Agasthier’ - saint which resulted in swallowing and digestion of Vilvalan by Agasthier. The left out Vatapi prayed Lord Shiva and attained further strength and started ruling ‘Rathina Puri’ situated in the middle of southern sea. Vatapi married ‘Chokka kanni’ daughter of ‘Mayan’ – Deva’s Viswakarma. The Asura Guru ‘Sukhracharuyar’ supported him with Asura battalion. As expected, he started torturing all the Devas which ‘Naradhar’ noticed and complained to Lord Shiva. Saint ‘Sambu’ maharishi also started ‘Yagnam’ on Shiva to safeguard Devas. Then Lord Shiva came over there and a drop of sweat from his third eye dropped in the yagnam which created the first “Rudhra / Veera Vanniyan’ with his horse, weapons & crown.

Then Lord Shiva & Matha Parvathi were talking to Devendran to offer his second daughter “Mandhira Maalai’-younger sister of ‘Deivayanai’ wife of Lord Murugan, for the marriage of Rudhra Vaaniyan. Upon mutual acceptance & Horoscope matching, marriage between Rudhra Vaaniyan & Mandhira Maalai was solemnized and become parents for four Sons. They were named as “Krishna Vanniyan, Brahma Vanniyan, Sambu Vanniyan & Agni Vanniyan. The boys were getting the entire warrior training from Lord Murugan – their Uncle. Subsequantly, they were married to the Four daughters of ‘Kandha(Susheela)’saint, namely-Indhrani, Narani, Sundhari & Sumangali.

Then, as per the advice of Lord Shiva, they moved towards south along with their soldiers created by Lord Shiva to fight Vatapi – Asuran and reached the ‘Durga Parameshwari Amman’ Temple in south. The Rudhra Vanniyan & his four sons requested Durgai Amman to help them in combating Vatapi which she accepted and came along with them with her ‘Boodha’ battalion. While they are crossing the Sea, the sea gave way to them by moving the water away in both sides and reoccupied themselves. However, one pet dog of Vanniyars could not cross the Sea and returned home.

After reaching Rathina puri, Rudhra Vanniyan sent Naradhar as mediator which failed and resulted in full-fledged War between Vanniyars & Vatapi Asuran. The ‘Kali Amman’ Asuras family God was also helping the Asuras in the War. The Fighting was intensive and finally Vatapi was killed by Rudhra Vanniyan. Subsequently, all the Asuras were killed including women. But, finally, Four Asura Women (as per the arrangement of Sukrachariyar – Asura Guru, to protect Asura Kulam) came out in Human form and the Vanniyars did not kill them and took them along with them to home.

After the War, the entire battalion reached back the shore and the Durga Goddess stayed at her Temple at south and Vanniyars after worship returned home. At their surprise, it was noticed that all the four daughter-in-laws of Rudhra Vanniyan already died by jumping into Fire pots after seeing one of their dogs is returning home alone which indicates that all the Vanniyars have died in the War. This event was also due to a ‘Sabam’ by Sukrachariyar to all the four sisters, since the brides were once denied to him by their Father – Kandha Saint.

After that all the Four Sons had ‘Kandharva Vivah’ with the Four Women brought by them (supposed to be Asura Women but in Human Form) and started living with them. Then Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu have allocated ‘Sambu region’ to First Rudhra /Veera Vannian, upto north of ‘Palar’ to Brhama Vanniyan, upto ‘Pennaiyar’ to Krishna Vanniyan, up to north of Kaveri to Sambu Vanniyan & Western side of East coast to Agni Vanniyan for their Ruling.

After that the First Rudhra Vanniyan had another son named ‘Chandra sekara maharajan’ and became their heir & then both First Rudhra Veera Vanniyan and his wife Mandhira Maalai left to Devalogam at the invitation of Lord Devendran.

This puranam was written at Madurai Tamil Sangam during Sundara Pandian’s regime by Saiva Shri Veera Pillai as a translation from Sanskrit ‘Agni / Agneya Puranam’ which is one of the 18 Puranams written Sanskrit.

It may also be noticed that the descendants of the above Vanniyars viz Agnikula Kshatriya / Vanniyakula Kshatriya / Vahnikula Kshatriya – the Warrior community are predominantly available in Rajastan, Gujarat, West Bengal, Andhra, Kannada, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Srilanka, Malaysia, Mauritious etc. and their main deity is Goddess Durga/Baghavathy/Maiamman etc. in different names in different parts of India


The Chola DynastyIt all started with my searching for details and any records in Indian history about the 535 AD eruption of Krakatoa. Many scientists have postulated that the climate changes of 535-536 AD observed and recorded in several parts of the world may have been attributed to the 535 AD eruiption of Krakatoa. I figured given that India is closer to Krakatoa than Scandinavia (one of the regions where drastic climate change in 535-536 was recorded) there may be some records on this event. I found none but I did end up reading about the Cholas.

Interesting how search for one set of information can lead you to another set. Such is the information age we live in. As I read about the Cholas I found myself more and more fascinated by this dynasty. Why? Well I felt that there were several characteristics about this empire that made them rather unique with respect to Indian history.

The Chola empire went from about 200 BC all the way to about 1300 AD with a gap in between from about 200 AD to 800 AD when they were not ruling. This would make the Cholas one of the if not the longest lasting empire in India.

Navy and Marine Trade
The Cholas were excellent mariners. They had flourishing trade with China that was conducted through sea not land. What the Cholas also excelled at was having a strong Navy.

International Conquest
The Cholas did something that no other Indian empire did. They left India in search of new territory. The map below shows the territories controlled by Rajendra Chola I.


Now I could be wrong but if my memory serves me correct the Chola empire and its achievements have been neglected the Indian education system and society in general. I do recall being taught about the Cholas in class 9 or 10 history. But that was about it. I cannot recall a reference to the Cholas (Except for the Chola Sheraton in Chennai) anywhere in day to day life. One often sees Ashoka, Maurya, Akbar, Shah Jahan etc being referred to or used. To the best of my knowledge no Bollywood movie has ever been made on the Cholas. I do not recall reading books on how great Rajendra Chola I was etc. I do not believe there is any road in Delhi named after Rajendra Chola or any Chola (A lot of Delhi roads are named after great Indian rulers).

Look at the classification of Indian Navy ships (http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/NAVY/Surface.html). I see none called the Chola class or Rajendra class. And yet it was the Cholas, not anyone else who dared to leave the subcontinent and conquer.

The Cholas seem to be neatly tucked away.

Why do I think its important to know more about the Cholas and Rajendra Chola's naval achievements? Well its quite simple. We have all read about Marco Polo and Vasco De Gama. A lot of Indians probably also know of the great naval battle between Nelson and Napolean. But how many of us know about the Chola's naval strength? What kind of ships did the Cholas have? What kind of weaponry did the ships have? What was Rajendra Chola's strategy when he took these overseas territories? What kind of trade ships did they have? Who were his captains? Who charted the route to China?

I know how the British sunk the Bismarck because radio stations in India played a song about it day in and day out. But I do not know anything about the Chola Navy. A shame isn't it?

Well, now that my rant is over I can go back and read more about the Cholas and hopefully one day get back to seeking more information on the 535 AD eruption of Krakatoa.

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முதல் ப்லாக்

தமிழன் என்று சொல்லடா தலை நிமிர்ந்து நில்லடா ....

இது என்னுடைய முதல் கருத்து வெளிபாடு மன்னிக்கவும் கருத்து சொல்லும் அளவுக்கு நான் மகானும் அல்ல ஞானியும் அல்ல இது ஒரு மன கிறுக்கல் என்றே சொல்ல தோன்றுகிறது,அதையும் என் தாய் மொழியில் சொல்ல என் மனம் ஆசை பட்டது என்பாதாள் என்மனதுக்குள் தோன்றியதை வெளிபடுதிக்கிறேன்...

ப்லாக் தமிழாக்கம் தெரியவில்லை ஆதலால் நான் தலைப்பை "முதல் ப்லாக்" என்றே சுட்டியுள்ளேன்.